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Scratchbox - October 21, 2019
Issued: 16:35hrs Sunday 20th October 2019

Claire: A chilly night ahead under largely clear skies for Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland where patchy frost and fog could form. Milder for much of England and Wales under cloudier skies with outbreaks of rain developing to the southeast.

Issued: 12:00hrs Sunday 20th October 2019

Claire: We're seeing showers over W Ireland, E Scotland & NE England just now and into this afternoon. The best of the sun over the western UK this afternoon as cloud builds over central & southern England.

Issued: 08:40hrs Sunday 20th October 2019

Claire: A north to northeasterly wind brings a cooler day for all today. Showers affecting windward coasts particularly in the east and southwest of the country. Rain over northern Scotland should clear as should any lingering mist or fog patches to leave a dry day for most with some good spells of sunshine.

Issued: 16:23hrs Saturday 19th October 2019

Claire: Rain becomes increasingly showery and increasingly confined to northeastern and southwestern areas this evening. A few mist or fog patches developing overnight for central and southern areas.

Issued: 08:37hrs Saturday 19th October 2019

Claire: Outbreaks of rain for southern Scotland and northern England today while showers affect Wales, southwest England and northern Scotland. Some good spells of sunshine developing between the showers.

Issued: 11:34hrs Friday 18th October 2019

Simon: Some torrential showers and thunderstorms affecting Wales, the Midlands and southwest England now. Further showers in southwest Scotland, and heavy rain in southeast Scotland, heading to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Issued: 08:40hrs Friday 18th October 2019

Simon: Heavy showers and strong winds today in southern areas, further heavy showers in northern England and southern and eastern Scotland too. The showers in the north slower moving as the winds are lighter here.

Issued: 16:41hrs Thursday 17th October 2019

Claire: More rain on the way for western & central parts of the UK and western parts of Ireland this evening. This continues to spread eastward overnight. A chilly night for northern and western areas, milder to the southeast.

Issued: 10:17hrs Thursday 17th October 2019

Simon: Heavy showers now into southern England, heading towards the M4. Further heavy showers western England and Wales.

Issued: 07:08hrs Thursday 17th October 2019

Simon: Showers affecting western and southern areas this morning, but it is dry north and east.