Scratchbox - June 17, 2024
Issued: 17:08hrs Sunday 16th June 2024

Garry: Some continuing rain for Scotland and northern England tonight, but generally dry toward the south with some clear spells. Overnight lows 7 to 10C.

Issued: 15:07hrs Sunday 16th June 2024

Garry: Staying wet for central-southern Scotland and Northern Ireland into the evening. Scattered showers for northern England, locally heavy toward northeast coasts. Broken cloud and sun toward the south, isolated showers.

Issued: 09:08hrs Sunday 16th June 2024

Garry: Wet across Scotland today, some heavy and thundery bursts for central-southern Scotland and northeast England this afternoon. Local scattered showers for the Midlands into eastern England. Sunny spells for Wales and the south.

Issued: 13:13hrs Saturday 15th June 2024

Simon: Staying showery for many this afternoon. Heavy showers and thunderstorms now arriving in south Wales, another area moving into northern England.

Issued: 08:41hrs Saturday 15th June 2024

Simon: Heavy showers today. A band of them crossing Wales, the Midlands and southern England this morning, reaching East Anglia and northern England this afternoon. Sunny spells for many.

Issued: 17:06hrs Friday 14th June 2024

john : sunshine and showers continuing for the afternoon and into the evening, clusters of showers moving into and across Devon and Cornwall, into Dyfed and Glamorgan into the evening these heavy and thundery, further lines of showers across Wiltshire to Oxfordshire also Staffordshire to Humberside, showers also moving northwestward from Borders across central Highland to western Isles through the evening temperatures generally 14 to 16 falling quickly after sunset as main showers fade to leave clear skies for a time inland then showers confined to coasts, lows overnight 4-6C

Issued: 11:27hrs Friday 14th June 2024

John : Sunshine and frequent, blustery often heavy showers for most areas continuing for the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon, cool for all 14 to 16C, cluster of heavy showers Glamorgan, Dorset through to Sussex along Channel coasts, running into Cumbria and Lancashire Scotland rain clearing all but Western Isles and northwest Highland through the afternoon with showers to follow elsewhere 10 to 12C

Issued: 07:03hrs Friday 14th June 2024

John : Cloudy, windy with prolonged spells of rain heavy at times for ne, later nw Scotland , rain moving away newards during the morning, with frequent squally showers prolonged and heavy for the remainder of Scotland, cool 12C. Remainder of England, especially along western coasts, sunshine ans frequent squally showers, showers becoming mor widespread through the morning and into the afternoon, 12 to 14C.

Issued: 15:48hrs Thursday 13th June 2024

Filotas: Through the evening the rain will gradually become confined over the northern parts of Ireland, and Scotland where it may be heavy in places. Further south any rain will be much more light and patchy. Breezy with minimum temperatures at 10C in north and 12C in south.

Issued: 06:13hrs Thursday 13th June 2024

Filotas: A cloudy day with rain slowly spreading east through the morning and the afternoon and turning heavy mostly in west and over high ground. Drier weather following over Ireland in the afternoon, and the norther Scotland will remain dry throughout. Fresh to strong winds. Maximum temperatures at 15C in north but 17C in south.