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Scratchbox - August 03, 2021
Issued: 14:29hrs Monday 02th August 2021

Garry: Thundery bursts of rain this afternoon focused on south Wales and areas from the West Midlands southward to Hampshire, plus the odd one over SW England. Elsewhere mainly dry. Some showery rain for Northern Ireland.

Issued: 08:38hrs Monday 02th August 2021

Garry: Some heavy and thundery showers today in southern Britain, plus areas of rain too for Northern Ireland. Meanwhile much of Scotland and northern England will be dry with variable cloud and only isolated showers.

Issued: 14:28hrs Sunday 01th August 2021

Simon: Some heavy rain now through southwest and southern England, signs of some thunderstorms and hail too. Showerier rain in eastern England. By contrast the north and west will enjoy a mostly dry, cool but bright afternoon.

Issued: 08:09hrs Sunday 01th August 2021

Simon: Eastern and southern areas of England always troubled by more cloud and outbreaks of showery rain today, a risk of a heavier showers to the south. best of any brightness in the north and west.

Issued: 08:35hrs Saturday 31th July 2021

Simon: rather cloudy through Saturday. Some bits of rain in central and eastern areas this morning, these tending to fade. A few heavy showers forming in southern areas this afternoon, some heavy. Best brightness in the west. Cool for all.

Issued: 16:45hrs Friday 30th July 2021

Simon: rain clearing from eastern England shortly after midnight tonight. Some showers north and west. Drier in other areas.

Issued: 07:59hrs Friday 30th July 2021

Simon: Peak gusts from Storm Evert so far, over 50mph in SW England. Strongest winds now tracking east through the Channel and southern England .

Issued: 07:10hrs Friday 30th July 2021

Simon: Radar showing the 'swirl' of low pressure over England and Wales this morning. It's a generally cooler day. Some thundery showers in southern England, windy for some. Cloudy Scotland, some bright spells, most in west. It's a mess out there!