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Scratchbox - January 28, 2020
Issued: 11:11hrs Tuesday 28th January 2020

Garry: Areas of showers for the southwest of England & Wales, Yorkshire & northwest, plus more persistent rain and hill snow for western Scotland and Ireland. Cool in the wind. Dry and sunny in the east.

Issued: 15:22hrs Monday 27th January 2020

Garry: Clusters of showers merging into longer spells of rain moving in from the west and southwest into the evening and night, with snow and hail. Icy conditions developing, with lying snow to low levels in places, focused west & northern areas.

Issued: 09:36hrs Monday 27th January 2020

Garry: Snow and hail showers affecting western Scotland today. Showers also in west and southern England & Wales, with some hail or hill snow. Drier and sunnier in east and central areas. Feeling cool.

Issued: 16:42hrs Sunday 26th January 2020

Claire: There's snow in the forecast overnight for the hills of Scotland, northern England and western Ireland while northern and western parts of England and Wales will see further rain. Colder temperatures to the north will also also for some icy patches to form.

Issued: 08:23hrs Sunday 26th January 2020

Claire: A band of rain works its way east across the country today. Staying dry to the far southeast until later this afternoon/into the early evening. Showers develop across western coasts & hills behind this band of rain. Winds picking up across the country too.

Issued: 16:35hrs Saturday 25th January 2020

Claire: Winds pick up overnight as low pressure arrives from the northwest. Winds reaching gale force for parts of the Western Isles while near gale force winds are expected for western parts of England, Ireland and Wales as well as northeast Scotland.

Issued: 08:29hrs Saturday 25th January 2020

Claire: Another rather cloudy day for the UK and Ireland with occasional light, drizzly showers for Irish Sea coasts. Light rain affecting northwestern parts of Scotland at times with more persistent rain arriving for northwestern parts of Ireland and Scotland later this evening.

Issued: 17:20hrs Friday 24th January 2020

Claire: Mostly cloudy across the UK and Ireland tonight which will keep temperatures above freezing for most. Clearer skies over southern parts of England however could allow a light frost to develop.

Issued: 12:01hrs Friday 24th January 2020

Claire: The risk of mist & fog developing all but disappears through the weekend as high pressure moves off to the southeast and lower pressure brings stronger winds and more mixed conditions in from the west once again.

Issued: 09:42hrs Friday 24th January 2020

Claire: A mostly dry but cloudy day across the UK and Ireland today. Showery outbreaks of light rain affecting northern parts of Scotland at times.