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Scratchbox - April 07, 2020
Issued: 14:30hrs Monday 06th April 2020

Simon: Scattered showers for many this afternoon, but lots of dry weather too. heavier showers Western Scotland.

Issued: 07:30hrs Monday 06th April 2020

Simon: Good morning! Cloud and some outbreaks of rain clearing from eastern England this morning. Bright skies following from the west, but a few showers ahead in western Scotland, central and western Ireland.

Issued: 16:44hrs Sunday 05th April 2020

Claire: Temperatures will be on the rise for most areas as we go through this coming week

Issued: 11:11hrs Sunday 05th April 2020

Claire: Winds starting to get up over northern and western areas now and continuing to do so this afternoon. Peak gusts recorded so far include: 58mph - Valentia; 52mph - Malin Head; 46mph - Tiree; 43mph - Camborne; 42mph - Benbecula & Mace Head; 40mph - Aberporth.

Issued: 08:08hrs Sunday 05th April 2020

Claire: A mostly dry, bright, breezy and warm day for central and southern areas. Cloudier to the west with winds picking up and outbreaks of rain arriving.

Issued: 16:30hrs Saturday 04th April 2020

Claire: Overnight lows generally less cold than we've had of late. A mostly cloudy night to the north and west with clearer skies over England and Wales. Dry too for most though patchy rain spreads into the far west of Ireland through the wee hours.

Issued: 11:23hrs Saturday 04th April 2020

Claire: Temperatures rising to a rather pleasant 14 or 15C in the southeast this afternoon. Through the second half of next week, we could see temperatures of 20C+ in these areas.

Issued: 08:05hrs Saturday 04th April 2020

Claire: A dry day ahead for most across the UK & Ireland with the best of the sun to the far southeast & south. Outbreaks of rain affect the far west & north of Scotland as well as the Northern Isles.

Issued: 15:33hrs Friday 03th April 2020

Garry: Variable cloud into this evening will dictate temperatures tonight - local clearer spots dipping away for a slight frost by dawn on Saturday morning.

Issued: 13:02hrs Friday 03th April 2020

Garry: A lot of cloud across the country this afternoon, with areas of rain or drizzle mainly across Scotland, Ireland and northern England. Bright spells for the Midlands and Wales.

Issued: 08:06hrs Friday 03th April 2020

Simon: Plenty of cloud around this morning, some showery bursts of rain in central and northern Scotland continuing during the day.