Whats new

The new version of the WeatherOnline Sailing offers higher resolution charts, additional regions, locations and parameters and an easier to navigate menu.

We are keen to understand your preferences with regards to locations, regions, models and parameters. Please email us your comments/feedback.


The GFS Model was upgraded to a higher resolution version (0.5 degree). In addition WeatherOnline introduces runs of the NAE model (0.18 degree x 0.28 degree), the Model of the UK MetOffice.


The time interval displays have been increased. Additional parameters were introduced i.e. peak gusts charts, the high wind areas charts, the streamlines charts, the visibility charts and the Jet stream charts.

The number of areas covered by the charts also increased.

Location forecasts:

The amount of forecast locations has doubled and will increase on an ongoing basis.


A simpler menu allowing to proceed with subsequent links while keeping the preselected parameters, region and time intervals.
Time intervals can be chosen one at a time. Forecast times can be selected for days as well as for specific times. Time intervals over several days are indicated in different shades of grey. Charts with different time intervals can also be displayed as loops or in 24 hour steps.

Apart from selecting locations via the menu locations can now also be selected via maps: e.g. Bay of Biscay

Locations with info regarding tides can also now be selected via maps: e.g. North Sea - German Bight

Zooming in:

In order to show maximum information on small screens, a relatively small font size was selected in the default setting. Depending on the browser the options to increase the displayed text size are as listed below:

Go to 'view' and choose 'font size'

Use the 'zoom' function in the tool bar to adjust to the appropriate zoom level

Other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Netscape ...):
Most other browsers do offer to adjust the font size by using a combination of "Ctrl +/-" (Win) or "Command +/-" (Mac)


Current Sailing charts will remain free of charge for all users. Premium Members can - as usual - enjoy the charts free of advertising and have access to the specific 48 hours and 14 days location forecasts.
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